I love panoramas, because I love landscapes, especially when there is a good view, like from a mountain top or a high building. Or just generally a scene I want to capture, but which does not fit into the width of a standard photo.

I create panoramas by taking multiple overlapping photos, and then stitch them together with Hugin, a free open source panorama stitcher. Hugin has a wizard which does most of the work for you. Even so it takes a fair amount of time to create one panorama. The result is that I have photos in a number of albums that have not been stitched yet. I will find the time at some point.

I have a Samsung phone which has a Surround Shot mode, which allows you to take a full spherical (360° x 180°) photos. The phone stitches it all together for you, and the results are quite impressive. It is not perfect though and sometimes fills in areas where it can’t work out the overlap. This is usually happens if you don’t keep the phone in one place while taking the photos.

I used to use Dermandar to host my panoramas, but can no longer embed them. You can still see some of my public panoramas there.

I am now hosting these on this locally, using free viewers I have found online – Panellum, and Paver.

Mountain Waterfall, Iceland

August 2012

Sydney City, Australia

November 2012

Sydney Harbour, Australia

November 2012

Sydney Darling Harbour, Australia

November 2012
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