Taking Photos

I am passionate about photography. Whenever my lovely wife and I go out to interesting places, whether for a short bike ride around the neighbourhood, a day out to the countryside, or abroad on holiday, I always take my Nikon DSLR with me, looking for interesting subjects and scenes to capture.

My favourite areas of photography are wildlife, landscapes, panoramas, architecture, sunsets, random objects, and any natural scenes I find. I don’t limit myself to those, but they tend to be what I take photos of the most.

Dog Catching Ball – Nikon D3200 1/4000s f/5.0 ISO 400

I am not currently that interested in studio photography or portraits, although I enjoy taking portrait photos of people I know.

My wife, Rita – Nikon D3200 1/30s f/4.2 ISO 1600

I purchased the D3200 in 2012, just before we went to Iceland. It’s an entry level camera but produces brilliant photos. At the time I had a Panasonic SZ-10, but I was self-studying the technical side of photography, and wanted a camera with manual control.

Snow Tiger – Nikon D3200 1/320s f/5.6 ISO 400

I have taken around 90,000 photos over the last 3 years with this camera (as of 2016), and am still learning. I enjoy both aspects of photography: The technical – choosing the right lens for the scene, knowing what aperture, ISO, shutter speed, and other camera settings to use for a desired effect, and the amount of available light; the creative – composing and framing the photo, trying different techniques, angles and viewpoints.

Grey Crowned Crane – Nikon D3200 1/2000s f/5.6 ISO 1600

When it comes to photography though, you never stop learning. I have been learning from day one, and I will never reach a point where I can say I know everything about photography, especially since they are always enhancing the technology, and making what was not possible before a reality now. And there are an infinite amount of scenes to be captured in an infinite number of ways.

Seagulls – Nikon D3200 1/1600s f/6.3 ISO 400

So my advice to anyone interested in photography out there, is that you should continue to learn and try new things. There is no limit, and there is no point at which you should stop and decide that you know everything there is to know!

Rita in the meadow, Scotney Castle

This is what drives my passion with photography – trying different camera settings, new angles, techniques, viewpoints – using my imagination and looking for photo opportunities that people without a camera usually miss. I have been criticised for taking too many photos and of being ‘stuck behind the camera’ and not able to ‘live in the moment’. In response to that I say that I am living in multiple moments simultaneously compared to the average person, because my brain has become conditioned to look for different views and interpretations of scenes all around me.

Seagull – Nikon D3200 1/2000s f/5.6 ISO 400

I like taking interesting photos of scenes that the average person would not give a second glance to. When you walk around you see many things, but don’t pay much attention to them. When you have a camera you start to employ lateral thinking artistically, and re-examine apparently mundane scenes.

Crazy Tree – Nikon D3200 1/20s f/5.0 ISO 400
↻ Last Updated: 4 May 2023

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