Welcome! This is a personal website to showcase my various hobbies . In fact the design and development of this website is a hobby itself! Which is why I am redesigning it again. This is the design I did in 2016, and it needs a refresh.

This is a useful resource for me, great to show my friends and family what I have built, and hopefully useful for anyone who ends up here.

I love designing and building things. Coming from an electronic engineering background, I am most passionate about digital electronics, with a focus on microcontrollers. When I studied electronics back in the 90s, microcontrollers were complicated devices that required a deep understanding operation, memory organisation, and assembly language. I used the PIC 8-bit series of microcontrollers in some of the products I designed, and the effort involved in programming required a lot of work.

Now of course we have many different types of microcontrollers available to the hobbyist, all easily programmable using high level languages, without the need to understand in depth principles. This is great for me as I have forgotten most of that stuff!

↻ Last Updated: 3 July 2024

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